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At the end I have started compiling lists for Canda, Mexico and Latin America..the rest of the World So I guess really it should now be called'The World Guide to Mystery Fiction'There is a also a very brief topic listing to denote Sea / Rail and Air mysteries as well as the Arctic and Antarctic.

Also a short listing for SF, Fantasy and 'Undead' mystery writers and series..selected other sub-genre lists..................................................​.................................................. Oceania - Australasia, Melanesia, Micronesia & Polynesia plus other neighbouring islands10. Europe - North, Central and Caucasus plus Russia12. Specialist Lists - Planes, Trains and err, Boats plus Undersea, Underground, In Space, on Oil Rigs and random Desert Islands16.

Frey - Arctic Fire (Red Cell Series, Book 1)Susan Froetschel - Alaska Gray / Interruptions Carole Gibb - Bad Guys Beware: An Alaska Mystery William Giraldi - Hold the Dark David Gleason - The Fraternity: Alaskan and Russian Roulette Rachel Grant - Incriminating Evidence (Bk 4 Evidence Series - romantic mysteries)Seth Harwood - In Broad Daylight J. Hayes - The Spirit and the Skull (a Paleolithic Murder Mystery)Russell Heath - Broken Angels Sue Henry - Jessie Arnold books / Alex Jensen Books Eric van den Hoogen - Undercover Alaska Leah Van Horn & R. Mc Kinley (A Summit Murder Mystery Bk 3)Michael Jecks - Act of Vengeance *EBOOKJD Huff - Barrow (set in Arctic Alaska)Marcel Jolley - The Following Sea Robert F.

)Charlotte Elkins & Aaron Elkins - Where Have All the Birdies Gone?

(Bk 4 Lee Ofsted Mysteries - golfing mysteries)Sandra Fendler - Curse of the Chindi / Dance of the Demon (Bks 1&2 Sarah Simms Navajo Reservation Mysteries - Bk 2 set in Arizona and New Mexico)Domino Finn - The Green Children (Bk 3 Sycamore Moon)Dave P. Johnstone - Sidewinders (Bk 1 Sidewinders - Western Mystery / Adventure)Carolyn Keene - The Secret at Shadow Ranch / The Kachina Doll Mystery / The Secret at Solaire (Bks 5, 62 & 111 - Nancy Drew children's mystery series) William Kent Krueger - Sulfur Springs (Bk 16 Cork O'Connor)Jane S.

Additional suggestions welcomed - please note this list currently includes hard copy books and those in English translation only - Books which appear to be available in electronic format only are not currently included *unless they cover a region with few alternatives or relate to an author already appearing on the list as a hard copy author (and occasionally where it has become an extablished series but still appears in electronic form only or once related to a now OP print series)... Canada - A-Z Provinces then Territories plus Saint Pierre and Miquelon3. UK - British Crown Dependencies & Overseas Territories plus other misc' local offshore UK islands Plus: Misc Listings - USP / Fairy Tales / Locked Room etc.

Please note, unless there is a strong element of crime and investigation this list does not generally include Spy or Espionage thrillers (which is I think a genre in and of itself)*revised inclusions for some e Books in 2013Some titles may be out of print but these are usually available second hand from somewhere if you look. (mini listings appearing amongst comments) # USA - A-Z State by state AL-AK # Alabama Jim Accardi - Saigon Landing Susan Wittig Albert - Miss Elizabeth Lacy and the Darling Dahlias series Ryan Anderson - Detective Hank Jordan series Ace Atkins - Wicked City Raymond L. Breedlove - Everybody Lies (Talkeetna Bk 1)Gerri Brightwell - Dead of Winter (Arctic Noir) William S.

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